Friday, February 8, 2013

Thursday Threads Submission

Just thought I would post my submission for this week's Thursday Threads competition. I know the winner and HMs have already been chosen, but I was happy with this piece and thought I would put it somewhere safe. it is. ENJOY!

"Didn't used to be a war, you know. Between nature and man." Cari caressed a leaf hanging on a branch by her head.
"We used to revere the power that the plants could bring. The power of healing, the power of life. We used to respect it." She closed her eyes and her body thrummed with the lifesources surrounding her.
Edward looked on in amazement as she seemed to glow with an ethereal inner light. Cari opened her eyes, and smiled. "You see."

She touched a glowing hand to a seemingly dead flower at the base of a tree. Edward gasped as he saw it regenerate. Saw it grow into the beauty that it once was.

Cari laughed at his surprise. The sound of it so airy and perfect to Edward's ears.

"All we need to do is to nourish this power. Nourish our souls and minds with the wonder that is our surrounding world." The glow finally left her.

It faded out, leaving behind a radiance that made her even more beautiful than before. Edward walked over to her and leaned in close. "Teach me."

Cari wrapped her arms around his neck, and they kissed.

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