Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A Valentine's Night to Remember

This was the first draft of a story I have written for LOVE BITES: An Anti-Valentine Blog Hop. Since it is too many words, I am attempting to shorten it so that I can without fail post it on the site as a submission. I liked this version and decided to save it. Enjoy!

Francis looked in the mirror and looked at her scanitly clad body. She turned to each side and straightened the lingerie clinging to her form until it was just perfect. Maybe this would finally get his attention.
She walked down the stairs and stopped short at the bottom, seeing her husband sitting at the couch watching television. Taking a deep breath, she began the long trek over to where he was.
"Oh, come on. Ref! What, have you got your head up your butt? That was a good shot!" Potato chip crumbs flew out of Billie's mouth and landed all over her nice clean carpet. Francis flinched. Tonight is all about us. Tonight is all about us.
She repeated this mantra in her head, attempting to shove the sight of the crumbs and bits of spittle hitting her floor.
Francis put her hand on her hip in a sexy fashion and cleared her throat.
Billy kept yelling at the game.
She cleared it louder, but to no avail.
Then, she cleared it so loud that it was almost a cough. That barely got her husband's attention.
"You sound sick, babe." He glanced quickly up at her and back at the television. He did a double take at the sight of what she was wearing.
"Well, no wonder, you're practically naked! Here, put this on?" He held out a ratty old blanket and Francis took it. She wrapped it around herself and Billie nodded his head in satisfaction. "There. Better, right?"
Francis sighed, defeated, and began to walk to the kitchen. "Hey, Francis?" She turned around and expectantly waited for her husband to say You look beautiful or Happy Valentine's Day, but no such luck. "Can you get me another beer while you're at it?"
She walked back over to where he was, and grabbed the empty bottle in front of him.
"Love you." He airkissed in her general direction, not turning his eyes away from the television.
Francis walked into the kitchen and threw the empty bottle away. Then, she went over to the breadbox and opened it. A heart box of chocolates was stashed inside. She pulled open the box and began to eat.
Happy Valentine's Day to me. She rolled her eyes and continued chewing.
"Where's that beer?"
Francis ignored the call and thought to herself, I know where it's gonna be in a couple seconds.....

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