Friday, February 22, 2013

Thursay Threads Submission

This was my submission for yesterday's Thursday Threads competition. Congrats to Honorable Mentions Theresa Breaux, Susan Hayes, J. Whitworth Hazzard, and David A Ludwig . Also big SUPER DUPER congrats to eight time thursday threads winner Cara Micheals. YOU ALL ROCK!

They were small countries. However, in Luke's eyes, they were still worth taking over. He had conquered most of them already, but still had a long ways to go if he was to conquer them all.
His brain worked, constantly thinking of strategies and solutions. Only the inexperienced would jump in with no plan whatsoever.

The sight of his present adversary creeping steadily upon him warned Luke that he did not have much time. If he didn't do something soon, his advantage would be gone.

Suddenly, he had it. He knew what he must do to defeat this worthy opponent.

With just a few clicks of his mouse Luke distributed his armies, allowing him to command all of Australia and become the champion of this round.

A sense of respect for his electronic enemy grew in the depths of his very soul.
It had been a fight to remember.

Luke smiled in triumph. "Well played, computer. Well played."

55 Word Challenge Submission for Wednesday

Hey, guys. This was my submission for Wednesday's 55 Word Challenge. I would like to congratulate the HMs @j_m_blackman, @Lurchmunster, and @klingorengi. Everyone's stories were fantastic this week. KEEP IT UP!!!!

Here was my picture inspiration from the three given.

I watched my family die.
Watched them fall at the hands of the metal beasts ravaging their precious land.
I heard them cry out in terror and pain, saw them reaching for me in anguish.
Calling for me. Pleading for help.
But I did not save them.
I ran.
Like a coward.....I ran.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Pandora's Temple by Jon Land

I have to admit that I was a bit reluctant to read Pandora's Temple by Jon Land. The title interested me, but not to the point where I was actually excited to pick it up and read it. That all changed, however, when I read that dark matter would play a big part in the storyline. I have always been interested in the subject of dark matter and was intrigued by how it would be incorporated into this book. Therefore, I immediately decided right then and there that I would try it and see what happens.

Pandora's Temple is a continuation of a series of books by the author Jon Land with Blaine McCracken as the main character. The novel starts two years into McCracken's retirement (according to McCracken, What retirement?), when he is called to save four college boys who are being held as hostages. The culprit? A man by the name of Arturo Nieves Morales, head of the Juarez drug cartel. McCracken poses as a man looking to provide Morales with new routes to bring his supplies into the U.S. Of course, every person going undercover has to have some plan with which to foil his foes. McCracken, indeed, has a plan. So, after kicking some butt and showing Morales and his men who's boss, McCracken goes on his merry little way. merry as a rogue agent can be....

Cue Paul Basmajian, a friend of McCracken's, aboard the Deepwater Venture. An oil rig on the verge of making history, drilling to a level no oil rig has drilled before: past 32,000 feet. Mr. Basmajian senses that all is not as it seems concerning the rig. The location they are drilling, according to a cartoon rendering, shows no indications of the sandy sediment layers that signify oil beneath. He begins to wonder if there is something more to it. Something more to where they are drilling. And he is right.
A strange thing happens once the drill reaches past the target depth. A thing so bizarre that it causes the entire crew of the Deepwater Venture to just simply vanish.

The disappearance of the crew, along with the question of what could have caused it, brings McCracken back into the picture. He along with his buddies, Johnny Wareagle and Captain Seven, are called in to bring the situation to light. What they do not know is that what happened to the Deepwater Venture and its crew, is just a small factor in a much bigger plot. A plot that might, ultimately, mean the destruction of the world itself.

All in all, I have to say that this Pandora's Temple a very well-written novel. The action scenes were very vivid, and the more technical aspects seemed to be very well researched. Having never read a Jon Land novel in all my life, I was very pleasantly surprised to enjoy what I read. I look forward to reading many more books by Mr. Land, and hope to find each one as interesting and action-filled as this.

Recommended for people who love action, adventure, and a bit of science.
To enter for a chance to win an ebook collection of some more of Jon Land's novels, visit:

Monday, February 18, 2013

Monday Mixer Submission

This is my submission for today's Monday Mixer competition. Enjoy!

Moonlight crept in from the opening of the crevasse, bathing me in its wondrous blue light. It had been a while since I had seen the outside world, and I was desperate. The manacles on my wrists had long since cut into my flesh. The dried blood staining the cold ice beneath me a reminder of futile attempts at escape.
"Release me!"
My voice echoed around me. Turning from a plea to a derisive mocking, the words themselves seemed to laugh at my request.
I knew there was no chance to survive. No chance to escape this prison.
My teeth began to chatter, and my body to shake. Death was close at hand. I could just feel it. The cold seeped into my very soul and took my breath away, leaving but a husk of my former self. I slumped forward and closed my eyes for the very last time.

Wednesday's 55 Word Challenge Submission

This was my submission for last week's 55 Word Challenge on Wednesday. Congrats to my fellow HMs @awrenwriting and @PurpleQueenNL and Winner @JessicaMaybury.

Lizzie took a deep breath and adjusted the pale pink glasses sitting atop the bridge of her nose. She looked at the crowds walking like robots past her, dressed in black and dripping with the ooze of societal conformity, and began to push her way opposite them. Her destiny would be decided by her alone.

Proof of Guilt by Charles Todd

Detective novels are exactly my cup of tea, especially ones that take place in a historical time period. In historical fiction the characters usually do not have the technology we have today to help solve their crimes. They have to use pure intellect and clever questioning to find out the 'who done it'. I respect those kind of stories and especially those kind of detectives.

Proof of Guilt by Charles Todd is a great example of that kind of story. It is an historical novel which takes place in the 1920s and stars a man named Ian Rutledge who is an inspector with Scotland Yard. I was overall quite intrigued when given the chance to read and review this book. The title sucked me in and made me want to read more, and the description on the inside cover of the book sucked me in even further.

In Proof of Guilt, Inspector Ian Rutledge is sent out on an inquiry regarding a dead man in the town of Chelsea. It looks like an open and shut case. The man has all the marks of a hit-and-run with a motorcar, and it looks like he's been dragged along the dusty road. However, Inspector Rutledge notices that the road bears no sign of anything being dragged across it. No sign that the man could have been hit where the body was found. He deduces, along with the help of a Mr. Belford, that the only plausible explanation is that the man was killed elsewhere, brought to Chelsea, and dumped. The only evidence they find even remotely resembling a possible identification of the dead man is a watch in his pocket.

With the help of a jeweler Rutledge knows, this watch is identified as belonging to a man named Lewis French. Mr. French is one of three owners of French, French, and Traynor, a wine exporting business started by his grandfather, Howard French. They are most famous for their Madeira wines, and Lewis French heads their business in London. The watch leads Rutledge on an investigation of French's work life, personal life, and an incident which happened when Lewis was merely a child. It also leads him to many people who had motive to cause French's disappearance and death.

I have to admit that this book did confuse me a bit in the beginning. Maybe it was because I had never read any Ian Rutledge novels before, or maybe because I was so intent on finding the killer and was distracted by writing down the suspects and evidence...I'm not sure which. However, as the book went on I became less confused and everything regarding the story fell more easily into place. The ending disappointed me only slightly, but overall it was a very well-written work and was full of red herrings, believable motives, and even more believable suspects. I recommend this book for people who love a good detective novel. People who, like me, love solving a good murder.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A Valentine's Night to Remember-Shortened Version

This is my entry for The Inklingettes' Love Bites: An Anti-Valentine Blog Hop. This is the shortened version of the story below. Enjoy!

Francis looked in the mirror, turned to each side, and straightened the lingerie clinging to her form until it was just perfect. Maybe this would finally get his attention.
She walked down the stairs and stopped short at the bottom, seeing her husband sitting at the couch watching television. Taking a deep breath, she began the long trek over to where he was.
"Oh, come on!" Potato chip crumbs flew out of Billie's mouth and landed all over her freshly vaccuumed carpet. Francis flinched. Tonight is all about us. Tonight is all about us.
She repeated these words like a mantra, attempting to clear her mind of the sight of the disgusting mixture of chewed up chips and spittle hitting her floor.
Francis put her hand on her hip in a sexy fashion and cleared her throat.
Billy kept yelling at the game.
She cleared it louder, but to no avail.
Then, she cleared it so loud that it was almost a cough. That barely got her husband's attention.
"You sound sick, babe." He glanced quickly up at her and back at the television. He did a double take at the sight of what she was wearing.
"Well, no wonder, you're practically naked! Here, put this on." He held out a ratty old blanket and Francis took it. She wrapped it around herself and Billie nodded his head in satisfaction. "There. Better, right?"
Francis sighed, defeated, and began to walk back up to the bedroom to change.

Read everybody's amazing Anti-Valentine's Day entries here:

A Valentine's Night to Remember

This was the first draft of a story I have written for LOVE BITES: An Anti-Valentine Blog Hop. Since it is too many words, I am attempting to shorten it so that I can without fail post it on the site as a submission. I liked this version and decided to save it. Enjoy!

Francis looked in the mirror and looked at her scanitly clad body. She turned to each side and straightened the lingerie clinging to her form until it was just perfect. Maybe this would finally get his attention.
She walked down the stairs and stopped short at the bottom, seeing her husband sitting at the couch watching television. Taking a deep breath, she began the long trek over to where he was.
"Oh, come on. Ref! What, have you got your head up your butt? That was a good shot!" Potato chip crumbs flew out of Billie's mouth and landed all over her nice clean carpet. Francis flinched. Tonight is all about us. Tonight is all about us.
She repeated this mantra in her head, attempting to shove the sight of the crumbs and bits of spittle hitting her floor.
Francis put her hand on her hip in a sexy fashion and cleared her throat.
Billy kept yelling at the game.
She cleared it louder, but to no avail.
Then, she cleared it so loud that it was almost a cough. That barely got her husband's attention.
"You sound sick, babe." He glanced quickly up at her and back at the television. He did a double take at the sight of what she was wearing.
"Well, no wonder, you're practically naked! Here, put this on?" He held out a ratty old blanket and Francis took it. She wrapped it around herself and Billie nodded his head in satisfaction. "There. Better, right?"
Francis sighed, defeated, and began to walk to the kitchen. "Hey, Francis?" She turned around and expectantly waited for her husband to say You look beautiful or Happy Valentine's Day, but no such luck. "Can you get me another beer while you're at it?"
She walked back over to where he was, and grabbed the empty bottle in front of him.
"Love you." He airkissed in her general direction, not turning his eyes away from the television.
Francis walked into the kitchen and threw the empty bottle away. Then, she went over to the breadbox and opened it. A heart box of chocolates was stashed inside. She pulled open the box and began to eat.
Happy Valentine's Day to me. She rolled her eyes and continued chewing.
"Where's that beer?"
Francis ignored the call and thought to herself, I know where it's gonna be in a couple seconds.....

Monday, February 11, 2013

The Hunt For Atlantis by Andy McDermott

I have loved the Nina Wilde/Eddie Chase series by Andy McDermott since reading The Pyramid of Doom a few years ago. I remember that day well....
The cover had shone so bright underneath the flourescent lights of my local bookstore, the pyramids on it were so warm and inviting. It was the perfect day. Now, I own four books in the series and have read three of those four.
Just recently, last year for Christmas, I acquired two of the four I now own; The Hunt for Atlantis and The Tomb of Hercules. Knowing that I had already read some of the other books, I just had to read the first. I had to see how it all started. It did not disappoint.
In this first book, The Hunt for Atlantis, we are introduced to Nina Wilde, archeologist. She believes that she has cracked the location for one of the greatest mysteries of all time, the Lost City of Atlantis. However, when she presents her proposal for an expedition to the Gulf of Cadiz, where she believes the location to be, she is shot down. She is told that it would be too much of a liability if she would happen to be wrong. The deal is, though, Nina believes wholeheartedly that this is the location.
Nina is not the only one who believes in her theory, because soon after arriving home from her unsuccessful venture she is called by a man named Jason Starkman. He informs her that he works for Frost Industries and that Kristian Frost, its Head, is willing to fund her expedition. Nina is shocked and very much surprised by this call. It is the very break she has waited for.
She gets in the car provided for her and is whisked away to Frost Industries to have dinner with Mr. Frost and talk Atlantis. Nina soon finds that not everything is as it seems once the man she talked to on the phone, Starkman, pulls a gun on her and threatens her life.
In comes Eddie Chase! SAS bodyguard!
Chase saves Nina in more ways than you can count, and her him. They are a team of epic proportions, even when she doesn't listen to him, and as characters they compliment one another.
This book, to me, is one amazing adventure, from beginning to end.
I reccomend this for all you seekers of treasure and excitement. You will enjoy this immensely.

Monday Mixer Submission


Willie Monohan's eyes glowed as he passed into the sacred temple hidden deep in the dark depths of the cavern. Ivory as far as the eye could see. He held his torch high and passed it over the wall closest to him. Words...phrases....a language that had been considered myth only a few weeks ago, there right in front of him. It was a miraculous sight.

He attempted to read what he could translate, using his very vague research of the language to guide him along.

Three challenges........Mind......Strength.....Skill........Golden Samovar.

The last two words were easily recognizable. This was what Willie had been searching for his whole life.

Behind him came the sound of a gun being cocked. He turned slowly around.

"Hello, Mr. Monohan."

It was Michael Bradley, his rival.

"We meet again." Michael's cold expression seemed vengeful. He smiled as the gun went off.

150 words

Some questions to ask the reader:
1. Does Willie get killed?
2. Does Michael intentionally miss to scare Willie?
3. Does some really awesome chick with fighting moves save Willie's butt?
4. What do the three challenges in the temple consist of?
5. What is so important about the sacred Golden Samovar that it needs to be hidden?
6. What ancient society built the temple and hid the samovar away?
7. Why has Willie been searching for this his whole life?
8. Who is Michael Bradley, and why is he Willie's rival?

Just some aspects of this particular story I will leave to your own imaginations, until such a time I decide to divulge the rest of the story.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Wednesday's 55 Word Challenge Submission - Week 45

Here was my winning submission for Wednesday's 55 Word Challenge Competition. Congrats to HMs  @Angelique_Rider@LurchMunster, @ClareStubbs2 for their wonderful stories.
Go here to read everyone's submissions and see what the photo prompts were for this past week.

The killer watches as his victim struggles against the constriction of the clothesline about her throat. The garments that had been drying on it mere moments before are strewn about the ground, dust beginning to settle on their once clean folds. He hears the woman's sweet-smelling breath leave her ruby lips...and she goes still.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Flash Friday #10 Submission

Here is my submission for today's Flash Friday competition. ENJOY!

Director Allen Green looked up from his theater chair and watched as the young man, he looked at the clipboard filled with names in front of him,….David Micheals….walked onto the stage. Not a very memorable looking boy, Allen couldn’t help thinking, but let’s see what he can do.

David nervously nodded to the pianist hidden away beside the stage curtain. The music played. Gentle flowing music. Music for the soul. Then, he opened his mouth and sang.

Allen was surprised at the wonderful baritone voice that came forth from him. Was surprised at how controlled it was, and how easily and melodically it meshed with the sounds from the piano. Every note was hit perfectly, every crescendo and decrescendo followed flawlessly. It was a stunning performance.

As David’s voice faded out with the end of the piece, Allen couldn’t help but smile as he nodded to the ordinary boy in front of him.

“You got the part.”

David was too shocked to speak, and quietly walked off stage.

Behind the curtain, in the midst of all the abandoned props and equipment, he couldn’t help but jump up and down. A wide grin split his face as he remembered all the people who had told him he couldn’t do it. All the people who had told him that a farmboy from Iowa could never make it to Broadway.

Thursday Threads Submission

Just thought I would post my submission for this week's Thursday Threads competition. I know the winner and HMs have already been chosen, but I was happy with this piece and thought I would put it somewhere safe. it is. ENJOY!

"Didn't used to be a war, you know. Between nature and man." Cari caressed a leaf hanging on a branch by her head.
"We used to revere the power that the plants could bring. The power of healing, the power of life. We used to respect it." She closed her eyes and her body thrummed with the lifesources surrounding her.
Edward looked on in amazement as she seemed to glow with an ethereal inner light. Cari opened her eyes, and smiled. "You see."

She touched a glowing hand to a seemingly dead flower at the base of a tree. Edward gasped as he saw it regenerate. Saw it grow into the beauty that it once was.

Cari laughed at his surprise. The sound of it so airy and perfect to Edward's ears.

"All we need to do is to nourish this power. Nourish our souls and minds with the wonder that is our surrounding world." The glow finally left her.

It faded out, leaving behind a radiance that made her even more beautiful than before. Edward walked over to her and leaned in close. "Teach me."

Cari wrapped her arms around his neck, and they kissed.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Five Sentence Fiction-Purple

I despise Domestic Violence. No matter who the victim is, whether it be man or woman or child, I cannot stand for it. So when I found out that today's prompt word was purple for five sentence fiction, I definitely knew what I wanted to write about. So here it is. ENJOY!

"You have to leave him," Kari said firmly, desperately meaning every word.
Krista kept her eyes locked on the floor and shook her head, her tears making dark spots on the light-colored carpet.
Kari kneeled down in front of her friend and gently pulled her face up, growing angry at the sight of the purple bruise marring Krista's perfect complexion. This was the last straw; the man who had done this would live to regret his actions. Kari would definitely see to that.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Five Sentence Fiction Submission

Prompt word was delicate.  Enjoy!
Little Emmaline Harris cupped the delicate baby bird in her soft hands, not wanting to break its body any further. Its head lolled upon its broken neck, causing a single tear to roll down her innocent cheek. She had not known what death was before coming across the bird's still form. Had not known the terrible sadness that now filled her at the sight of the small body. As she lowered the feathered creature down into its final resting place in her mother's flower garden, Emmaline whispered a small prayer wishing the bird a second chance to truly live in its next life.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Monday Mixer Submission

Had a more difficult time getting in the word limit this time, but finally found a story that fit. ENJOY!

"Oh, cabana boy."

Marjorie Windham beckoned to the buff twenty-year-old in front of her with a neatly manicured finger. She eyed him up and down as he walked over to her. Looking good.

"Yes, ma'am. What can I do for you?"

Marjorie held out her empty glass and smiled coyly. "I am just feeling so parched today. Can I trouble you for another drink?"

He smiled back, reminding her of an innocent gazelle in the midst of the powerful lioness.
"Sure." He took the drink and walked off.

Marjorie sat on her chair and fingered the cabochon necklace at her throat, thinking of a way to get him by himself so she could ask him to help her with a more personal problem later.

She bit her lip and a dark gleam entered her eyes. A gleam that reflected the intrinsic animalistic nature of lust beginning to rise in her.

150 words