Monday, February 4, 2013

Monday Mixer Submission

Had a more difficult time getting in the word limit this time, but finally found a story that fit. ENJOY!

"Oh, cabana boy."

Marjorie Windham beckoned to the buff twenty-year-old in front of her with a neatly manicured finger. She eyed him up and down as he walked over to her. Looking good.

"Yes, ma'am. What can I do for you?"

Marjorie held out her empty glass and smiled coyly. "I am just feeling so parched today. Can I trouble you for another drink?"

He smiled back, reminding her of an innocent gazelle in the midst of the powerful lioness.
"Sure." He took the drink and walked off.

Marjorie sat on her chair and fingered the cabochon necklace at her throat, thinking of a way to get him by himself so she could ask him to help her with a more personal problem later.

She bit her lip and a dark gleam entered her eyes. A gleam that reflected the intrinsic animalistic nature of lust beginning to rise in her.

150 words


  1. I can just picture the scene - hope he spits in her drink - hehehe

  2. I agree with Sarah, I hope he does too! Very vivid and predatory!