Friday, February 8, 2013

Flash Friday #10 Submission

Here is my submission for today's Flash Friday competition. ENJOY!

Director Allen Green looked up from his theater chair and watched as the young man, he looked at the clipboard filled with names in front of him,….David Micheals….walked onto the stage. Not a very memorable looking boy, Allen couldn’t help thinking, but let’s see what he can do.

David nervously nodded to the pianist hidden away beside the stage curtain. The music played. Gentle flowing music. Music for the soul. Then, he opened his mouth and sang.

Allen was surprised at the wonderful baritone voice that came forth from him. Was surprised at how controlled it was, and how easily and melodically it meshed with the sounds from the piano. Every note was hit perfectly, every crescendo and decrescendo followed flawlessly. It was a stunning performance.

As David’s voice faded out with the end of the piece, Allen couldn’t help but smile as he nodded to the ordinary boy in front of him.

“You got the part.”

David was too shocked to speak, and quietly walked off stage.

Behind the curtain, in the midst of all the abandoned props and equipment, he couldn’t help but jump up and down. A wide grin split his face as he remembered all the people who had told him he couldn’t do it. All the people who had told him that a farmboy from Iowa could never make it to Broadway.

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