Monday, February 11, 2013

Monday Mixer Submission


Willie Monohan's eyes glowed as he passed into the sacred temple hidden deep in the dark depths of the cavern. Ivory as far as the eye could see. He held his torch high and passed it over the wall closest to him. Words...phrases....a language that had been considered myth only a few weeks ago, there right in front of him. It was a miraculous sight.

He attempted to read what he could translate, using his very vague research of the language to guide him along.

Three challenges........Mind......Strength.....Skill........Golden Samovar.

The last two words were easily recognizable. This was what Willie had been searching for his whole life.

Behind him came the sound of a gun being cocked. He turned slowly around.

"Hello, Mr. Monohan."

It was Michael Bradley, his rival.

"We meet again." Michael's cold expression seemed vengeful. He smiled as the gun went off.

150 words

Some questions to ask the reader:
1. Does Willie get killed?
2. Does Michael intentionally miss to scare Willie?
3. Does some really awesome chick with fighting moves save Willie's butt?
4. What do the three challenges in the temple consist of?
5. What is so important about the sacred Golden Samovar that it needs to be hidden?
6. What ancient society built the temple and hid the samovar away?
7. Why has Willie been searching for this his whole life?
8. Who is Michael Bradley, and why is he Willie's rival?

Just some aspects of this particular story I will leave to your own imaginations, until such a time I decide to divulge the rest of the story.

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  1. What a fun story!! I love the idea of treasure hunting and protecting artifacts and rivals pulling the rug out from under the hero!! Absolutely awesome!! :)