Monday, February 18, 2013

Monday Mixer Submission

This is my submission for today's Monday Mixer competition. Enjoy!

Moonlight crept in from the opening of the crevasse, bathing me in its wondrous blue light. It had been a while since I had seen the outside world, and I was desperate. The manacles on my wrists had long since cut into my flesh. The dried blood staining the cold ice beneath me a reminder of futile attempts at escape.
"Release me!"
My voice echoed around me. Turning from a plea to a derisive mocking, the words themselves seemed to laugh at my request.
I knew there was no chance to survive. No chance to escape this prison.
My teeth began to chatter, and my body to shake. Death was close at hand. I could just feel it. The cold seeped into my very soul and took my breath away, leaving but a husk of my former self. I slumped forward and closed my eyes for the very last time.


  1. How awful, but brilliantly written :) liked this.

  2. It makes a nice change that it's not a happy ending. Well written mate

  3. The opening was a twinge of hope, then all was lost...really enjoyed this!