Friday, February 22, 2013

Thursay Threads Submission

This was my submission for yesterday's Thursday Threads competition. Congrats to Honorable Mentions Theresa Breaux, Susan Hayes, J. Whitworth Hazzard, and David A Ludwig . Also big SUPER DUPER congrats to eight time thursday threads winner Cara Micheals. YOU ALL ROCK!

They were small countries. However, in Luke's eyes, they were still worth taking over. He had conquered most of them already, but still had a long ways to go if he was to conquer them all.
His brain worked, constantly thinking of strategies and solutions. Only the inexperienced would jump in with no plan whatsoever.

The sight of his present adversary creeping steadily upon him warned Luke that he did not have much time. If he didn't do something soon, his advantage would be gone.

Suddenly, he had it. He knew what he must do to defeat this worthy opponent.

With just a few clicks of his mouse Luke distributed his armies, allowing him to command all of Australia and become the champion of this round.

A sense of respect for his electronic enemy grew in the depths of his very soul.
It had been a fight to remember.

Luke smiled in triumph. "Well played, computer. Well played."

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