Monday, January 28, 2013

Mondy Mixer Submission

From the dirt beneath our feet to the sky high above,
From the oceans and rivers to the jungles and plains,
Nature is one big ampitheater providing entertainment and miraculous stories to those who are willing to observe and reflect upon it.
From the shrike birds to the tall giraffes,
From the earthworms to even us humans,
We all play our part in its tales.
Through harmony and,
Even the occasional discordant noise,
Everything is part of the bigger picture.
Nothing is ever unimportant or miniscule.
 Nothing is ever ignored or disbanded because of
What it does,
How it looks,
How others may perceive it.
Everything has a purpose and a place.
This is the basic philosophy of life and it would do us all great favor to remember that.
To remember that our world is what has given all of us creatures the ability to make a difference.
150 words


  1. Oh, this is lovely and the prompt words fit so naturally!! Terrific writing!! ;)

    1. Thank you so much. It's people like you that make writing so rewarding. :) You made my day.

  2. Ruth's right the words fit so well, and a lovely piece!

  3. Yes, we would all do well to remember it. Lovely sentiment.