Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Library Time!!!

Went to the library today. WOOT WOOT!! Picked up some books with my mom, and am totally going to be reading like crazy over the next couple of weeks to a month in order to get these books back in a short amount of time. (I like to absorb my books so it takes me awhile) lol

Let me tell you about the goodies that I brought home:

First, we have the book THE KINGMAKER'S DAUGHTER, which I am excited to read because it is written by one of my very favorite authoresses (yes, I totally love to call female authors that), Philippa Gregory. She writes amazing books. Plus, I liked the cover.

Second, we have the book THE MAPMAKER'S OPERA. The cover reminded me of a book I read a few years ago called MOZART'S SISTER. The description on the back of this book just seemed really intriguing to me.

Third, we have the book THE CLOCKWORK THREE. I almost did not pick this book up, because it was near the kid section of the library and I was too embarassed. My mom, however, did pick it up and set it on the books I was carrying and told me to check it out for her. Ends up, I am the one who is definitely going to read reading it now.

I am totally psyched to finish these books and I hope that soon I can post about them and tell you, the readers, my thoughts.

Happy Reading, and remember:

A Book A Day Keeps Illiteracy Away!!

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